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For You – Bar Lovers


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Lavender & Lemongrass Shampoo Bar 100g 
Soap Bar 100g
Shaving Bar 100g
Conditioner 500ml
Moisturiser 500ml
Nuud 15ml

This pack will keep your hair and skin in perfect condition, without causing unnecessary harm to the environment. All of our bars – three of which are included in this package – are bursting with essential oils, and are handmade by a small family-run business based in Devon. Their natural ingredients will keep your skin glowing and your hair healthy. Our bottled conditioner and moisturiser serve to soothe your skin and hair, providing all-day hydration. For its part, Nuud anti-odorant provides the most sustainable conceivable means of reducing body odour. Our Full Monty product selection will leave you looking, feeling, and smelling great!


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