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For Home – Top Up


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Toilet Cleaner Refill 2L
Washing Up Liquid Refill 2L
Laundry Detergent Refill 2L
Fabric Conditioner Refill 2L
Floor Cleaner Refill 2L
All Purpose Cleaner Concentrated Refill 125ml

You only need to order our ‘Full House’ bundle once. After your first order, you can save plastic by replenishing your Green n White ‘For Home’ products using this ‘top up’ pack! In the case of our all purpose cleaner, we offer a 125ml concentrated refill container: simply mix with water in your original 1L bottle, and you’ll be good to go! For a range of other products – our floor cleaner, toilet cleaner, laundry detergent, fabric conditioner and washing-up liquid – we recommend our 2L refill containers, which can be used to top up your original 1L bottles. These 2L containers use considerably less plastic than buying two separate 1L containers. If you hate plastic waste as much as we do, then this pack is for you.
And don’t forget, we offset 5 plastic bottles for every refill sold, so this pack will offset 30 plastic bottles with Plastic Bank!




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