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Questions & Answers


  • Can I purchase your products without a membership?

    Products are only available to members. We sell our products at cost and make no profits from any sales. Our membership is what helps us survive and grow.
    If you would like to try our products without a membership you can order at standard prices through one of our partners:
    Green Wallet
    My Valley
    Just Think Eco

  • Why a membership model?

    We wanted to provide you THE most eco-friendly products (product and packaging, no green-washing) at the most affordable prices, after all doing the right thing shouldn’t cost the earth 😊. Added bonus… this means as we grow and increase our economies of scale we will be able to pass our cost savings on directly to you! Now there is an incentive to help us grow!!!

  • What does 'at cost' actually mean?

    When we say at cost, we mean we don't make any profit on the products we sell you, not matter how many you buy. The price includes the cost of the product, the bottle, the closure, the label, the filling and handling costs, the delivery and packaging.

  • Can I cancel anytime?

    Yes, of course - simply email at any time! But we're confident you'll be very happy with your product and won't need to! Great eco-friendly products that actually work sold at cost and delivered straight to your door… would more could you possibly want? 😊

  • How much does the membership cost?

    The full price of the membership is £3 a month after the free trial ends

  • Can I use the membership for business purposes?

    If you represent a business who would like to start using our products, please get in touch at we love to chat 😊

  • Have a second home and don't want to buy a whole new membership for it?

    If you have a second home and would rather not buy our membership again, drop us an email and we will give you a discount for your second account.

  • How do I become a member?

    Our membership will be added to your cart once you start filling your basket with products, with a 1 month free trial, to make it super easy and risk free for you.


  • Why plastic and not alternatives (notably soap dishes and laundry sheets?)

    There are a number of reasons for this decision. Perhaps most importantly, we didn’t want to require customers to drastically change their lifestyles in order to improve their carbon footprint. We feel that the only feasible means of encouraging a gradual evolution toward sustainability is to ensure that people are only required to make manageable changes. We also wanted to be absolutely certain that our methods are not only green, but also effective. We were not able to ensure that these newer, less-tested methods would deliver the premium service which we promise our members.

  • What are your bottles made from?

    PCR - ‘Post Consumer Resins’ - is recycled plastic. The specific type of PCR we use is called ‘R-HPDE’. It is the fact that our bottles are PCR which gives them their characteristic off-white colour, and their charming little black specks (we think they’re charming, anyway)

  • What does PCR mean?

    PCR - ‘Post Consumer Resins’ - is recycled plastic. The specific type of PCR we use is called ‘R-HPDE’. It is the fact that our bottles are PCR which gives them their characteristic off-white colour, and their charming little black specks (we think they’re charming, anyway).

  • Why PCR bottles? (and not biodegradable, sugarcane, or pouches)

    We concede that no material is perfect. From our research, however, we’ve found that PCR bottles were by far the most sustainable options for our products. To demonstrate this, we’d like to give you a breakdown of the logic we used to rule out alternative materials:

    Biodegradable plastic: Although biodegradable material sounds great - and it certainly does help the plastic to break down faster - there is a major drawback inherent in this process. Biodegradable plastic, like all plastic, releases methane when it breaks down. But given biodegradable packaging breaks down at a faster rate than non-biodegradable alternatives, it releases higher quantities of methane into the atmosphere per year.. Alongside this major flaw, the additives contained within biodegradable plastic can make recycling difficult, and in some cases even impossible.

    Sugarcane / bioplastics: These materials certainly represent a great alternative to virgin plastic; their source is renewable, rather than coming from petroleum. When you consider the fact that sugarcane is generally shipped from Brazil, however, the overall carbon footprint of these products means that PCR turns out to be the more environmentally friendly option.

    Pouches: Although they use considerably less plastic, we’ve decided aginst using refillable pouches for our products. This is primarily because being made from multiple materials makes pouches extremely difficult to recycle. We’ve been as yet unable to find a company willing to supply us with pouches made from recycled plastic, and we feel that to produce the amount of virgin plastic which would be required for a pouch-based system would go against everything that Green n White stands for.

    Aluminium: One of the biggest issues with aluminium is the amount of energy it takes to make new aluminium, which is a huge amount more than plastic, as well as the waste product which is damaging to the environment if not controlled.

    Glass: Glass requires a huge amount of energy to produce, even more than aluminium. It also breaks easily meaning a lifetime guarantee cannot exist, as well as becoming dangerous when it breaks. Glass is heavy increasing the transport costs and is an expensive material.

    We will continue research new options as innovations occur and options expand. If you have any ideas for how we can improve the sustainability of our product-range, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

  • Why do the personals not have refills?

    We have found it very difficult to come up with a model which allows for both convenient and eco-friendly refills. As noted, we are hesitant to use pouches: they are difficult to recycle and are (at least as far as we can see) almost always made of virgin plastic. Again, please do feel free to email if you have any bright ideas regarding how we might fix this issue!

  • Where are your bottles made?

    We know that determining the sustainability of a product is not the only question facing buyers who wish to ensure that they are shopping in an ethical manner. That’s why the vast majority of our products are produced within the UK. Our bottles are made in Leicester, UK.

  • Where are your labels made?

    Our labels are made in Kent, UK.

  • Where are your closures made?

    Closures such as pumps and trigger sprays are surprisingly hard to come by in the UK, or even in Europe. Therefore, while we have been able to source some that are manufactured in the UK and Europe, we have had to source some of our closures from as far as China. We are currently in conversation with manufacturers in Europe and plan to source everything from within Europe as soon as possible.

  • Why do you offer 2L and not 5L?

    This is a good question. In the future, we certainly plan to offer 5L refills alongside our 2L service. Unfortunately, though, we weren’t sure that all of our customers would have room for 5L bottles on their shelves: space is hard to come by nowadays, especially in the city. As we expand our product ranges and mature as a company, offering 5L refills is very much in our plans.

  • What is offsetting plastic bottles with PlasticBank?

    For every refill that we sell, we donate to Plastic Bank to pay for 5 x 500ml plastic bottle to be collected, stopping it ending up in the ocean.

  • Do you take back bottles and refill them?

    Currently are not accepting bottles back from customers, and we have ensured they are easy to recycle (shape and colour can effect the recyclability of plastic). This may come as a shock to our customers, but fear not, we have done the research and we came to the conclusion that our money will be more effective when invested in other places, so here’s a breakdown of that research for you:
    - We don’t believe in putting the responsibility on the consumer, and unfortunately even if we did, history has shown that closed loop systems are rarely used by customers.
    - With this in mind, we decided investing in an expensive and logistically complex closed loop system for a rare use was not the most effective use of our money.
    - We instead use the system already in place - our national recycling system - which although not perfect, is a vital part of our lives.
    - Our bottles are some of the most commonly recycled within the UK. Here are some reasons why they are preferable; they are white, they are relatively regular shapes, they are HDPE.
    - So make sure you rinse and recycle and every time you buy a new refill, we fund the collection of 5 x 500ml plastic bottles through Plastic Bank.

    As with all our solutions, we will continue to reinvest into research & development to make sure we are always providing you with the best solutions out there. If you have a more efficient and eco-friendly alternative then please don’t hesitate to let us know at


  • Do you use naturally derived ingredients?

    Though we have no doubt whatsoever as to the quality of our products, you won’t ever hear us describe our ingredients as ‘natural’ or ‘non-toxic’. We feel that this kind of language perpetuates a culture of ‘greenwashing’; that is, the disingenuous attempt by companies and corporations to present their unsustainable products as environmentally friendly. Buzzwords like ‘naturally derived’ have lost what little meaning they ever had as a result of being chronically misused by corporations. We don’t want to deal in business-speak and half-truths; we prize ourselves on honesty and openness in our supply chain. That’s why we recommend that our members examine our ingredients on their own terms, rather than through the distortative lens of the language of greenwashing.

  • What does naturally derived actually mean?

    A naturally derived ingredient has been defined as “"an ingredient made from renewable plant-based materials, abundant minerals and/or water, and that may be modified to provide functionality; the modification may involve synthesizing with sources other than plant and/or mineral sources." As you can see, the definition is rather vague. It leaves a significant amount of wiggle-room, within which companies can combine their ‘naturally derived’ sources with synthetic alternatives whilst still labelling their products as ‘naturally derived’.

  • Are the products safe?

    All of our products are safe for you to use around the house. Any product which could potentially cause harm if used incorrectly is clearly labelled with warnings and instructions regarding proper usage.

  • Where are your products made?

    Our products are made by various manufacturers across the UK.

  • Are your products vegan?

    All of our products are vegan with the exception of our conditioner, which contains honeyquat.

  • Why aren't all your products offered as concentrates?

    We offer concentrated products only where feasible and effective. Our all purpose cleaner, for example, is usually composed primarily of water, which is why we can offer a concentrated refill for this product. Most of our products, however, are already relatively concentrated. When we start to introduce more water-heavy products into our selection - and this is something we are certainly planning on doing - we will make sure to offer a concentrated option for them, too.

  • Product not working how you’d like it to?

    If our products aren’t suitable for you, we’d like to hear about it. If, for example, our shampoo doesn’t work for your hair type, please do let us know - we want to ensure that we cater to the needs of all our members.


  • How much does shipping cost?

    Nobody likes hidden charges or extra fees, and non-integrated shipping costs are no exception. That’s why we’ve decided to factor the cost of transportation into the overall price of our products, meaning you won’t have to pay any additional shipping fees at checkout. We do, however, have a minimum spend on our website - and if you are spending below this threshold, you will be charged a delivery fee. We don’t like doing this, but we’ve found that there’s simply no other way to ensure our business is financially viable. Moreover, it encourages people to buy in bulk, making our model even more eco-friendly!

  • Do you ship outside the UK?

    No; currently we are only shipping domestically (within the UK).


  • When will you be launching?

    We have launched! Our site is now fully live for you to sign up and order products.

  • Are you carbon neutral?

    Given we are such a young company, it’s presently pretty hard for us to calculate our exact carbon emissions. As we mature and expand our resources, we hope to be able to run tese calculations, and to use this data to engage in Gold Standard approved carbon offsets. However we are teaming up with Eden Reforestation Projects in Madagascar. This will allow us to plant a tree with every order we receive. To be clear, this is not a means of justifying unnecessary carbon emissions, nor is it an excuse to avoid calculating our carbon footprint. Rather, we see our tree-planting initiative as an added bonus: we’re working ceaselessly to minimise our carbon emissions, and working toward a fuller understanding of our carbon imprint, whilst also doing our bit to chip away at the problem of deforestation. For more information on the Eden Reforestation Projects, see this video:

    And since we know that working toward sustainability must always be a collaborative project, we’ve also teamed up with Plastic Bank. This means that every time a customer buys a refill, we offset five plastic bottles. For more information on this initiative, have a glance as their website:

  • How do you minimise your carbon footprint?

    - We source from UK and Western Europe where feasible
    - We use plastic, which is lighter than glass and takes less energy to manufacturer than alternative materials (notably glass and aluminium)
    - We use recycled materials
    - We offer (and encourage the use of) refills, which use less packaging and handling

  • How can I contact you?

    There’s nothing we love more than hearing feedback from our community. Please get in touch at:

  • Refunds and returns

    If the goods you receive are damaged or faulty in any way, or not what you originally ordered we will be happy to replace the items or offer you a refund.

    Email us pictures of the damaged product and we will process accordingly