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Our Story

Like many consumers today, co-founders Aaron and Dan were always trying to find genuinely eco-friendly options for their household essentials, while also trying to get a good deal.

After a great deal of research they found that nobody really offered what they were looking for ‘Affordable Sustainability’. Aside from all the greenwashing, the mark-up premium that these brands charge, just for trying to do the right thing, is ridiculous. That’s when they decided to set up Green n White.

So just what is Green n White?

We have extensively researched and sourced the most sustainable home and personal care essentials we can find and sell them direct to you at the lowest prices on the market. We source everything within the UK (where we can), and everything we sell actually works (there is no quality sacrifice to be more eco-friendly).

Meet the team!

Daniel Randolph


Aaron Addicoat


Maya Burnand

Research & Development

We pride ourselves on 3 simple principles:

From minimal packaging to making your shopping experience easy, Green n White ensures no excess or waste.

We consider the whole supply chain and look at the beginning to end of life when researching the best options for our products, packaging, and more.

A sustainable lifestyle should not be reserved for a privileged few and our mission is to make sure the ethical choice is also the affordable one.